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Holi Packages India

Duration : 9 Nights 10 Days

Destination : Delhi - Mathura - Barsana - Agra - Jaipur

Trip Highlights :

  • Enjoy the attractions of Holi Festival accompanied by a guide
  • Have a glance at local life in Golden Triangle India
  • Enjoy the Lathmar Holi In Mathura and Barsana
  • Witness the beauty of Taj Mahal
  • Enjoy the colourfull Holi of Royal City Jaipur

Holi Special Tour Package India :

Blending the cultures of different people into one panorama is found only at few places around the world. One such place where we can find this beautiful panorama sketched from all the different cultures and traditions is India. Talking about the country only acquaints us with the fact that here we can find so many diverse religions, cultures, traditions and customs. All these are well reflected in their lifestyle and arts. With all these cultural varieties, India in gifted with lots of festivals. There is something always going on throughout the year here; which fills the life with fun, adventure, social gatherings, finest mouth watering cuisines and much more. Some of the festivals are so popular among the people worldwide that they can’t themselves have a visit to India for having a lifetime memorable experience. To blend into this cultural journey, find out holi tour package india.

Among these popular festivals Holi is the one of the most loved and enjoyed; simply because the festival is enjoyed by people of all ages irrespective of religion, caste, social and economic background. While exploring holi packages india, one would come to know that the roots of this festival go deep into the mythological stories of Hindu Religion. According to Hindu mythology, the king of all demons named Hiranyakashipu earned a boon imparting him 5 special blessings regarding his Life and threat to his Life; namely, he could not be killed any human or animal, he couldn’t be killed during daylight or night, he could never be killed by any weapon neither hand-held nor thrown at him, he couldn’t be killed indoor nor outdoor and finally fifth blessing being he could not be killed on land, in air nor water.

Travel experts accompanying during holi travel packages india would further let us know that despite his special blessings Hiranyakashipu and him proclaiming to be the Almighty, he faced skepticism towards his greatness by his own son, Pralhad. Pralhad, a devote believer of Lord Vishnu, constantly kept challenging his father’s supremacy and was consequently subjected to different types of tortures which Hiranyakashipu would keep concocting. Eventually, the demon king, in his frustration to be unable to suppress his son Pralhad’s dedication towards Lord Vishnu took help from his equally evil and ever-so supporting sister, Holika. Holika and his brother, the demon king, conspired that Holika would take Pralhad and sit on a pyre; while Holika being protected from the fire through her enchantments, Pralhad would succumb and perish in the pyre.

Those with mythological know-hows with whom one would come across during holi holiday package india complete this story of Pralhad with flourish in their eyes. The pyre which Holika sat in feeling protected and trying to make it engulf Pralhad, herself got burnt to ashes and Pralhad came out unscathed chanting his dedicative verses of Lord Vishnu. This event marks the beginning of Holi festival as people pray that all the evils in their lives get burnt away like Holika, during the custom of Holika Dahan. The following day, especially the morning, is celebrated as Rangotsav. It is celebration of Life through colors and Holi delicacies.

People play with colors and enjoy several sweet dishes like Gujiyas etc. and several regions have their own delicacies. This festival also involves indulging in Bhang, drink made with cannabis. There are several holi special tour package india since the festival has a unique appeal across the nation, every region bringing in their unique customs and cultures to enrich the Holi Festival experience. There is yet another mythological reference related to Holi, wherein Lord Krishna, eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, celebrated Holi in full fervor with his childhood love, Radha. In the Lord Krishna legend of Holi festival, Radha in her friendly banter with Lord Krishna, shooed him away by beating him with a stick. This is how emerged the tradition of Lathmaar Holi, wherein guys use a shield and their partners playfully banter with the using sticks. Such Holi is most popular in regions of Barsana, Mathura.

Holi is celebrated with fervor not just in the pockets of the country where mythological roots can be traced to. Indian diaspora across the world celebrates this festival of colors, be it United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, Guyana, South Africa, Malaysia, Mauritius or Fiji. However, the festive chaos of is best witnessed in India. If one could squeeze out a time period 10 days, then one can, not only go through holi festival packages india and etch out a memorable Holi experience worth a lifetime but also witness several other iconic multi-cultural cities of India.

After knowing so much, no one can deny the temptation to dive-in and book one of the holi holiday packages india tours. However, there are bound to be several questions running through the mind. Here are several FAQs to clear up some of the usual doubts.

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Itinerary :

Day 1

Delhi Arrival

Marks the beginning of holi special tour package india. One can arrive in New Delhi, the country capital, from anywhere in the world. For travelers from within the country, the city is well connected through rail network as well. After witnessing the unique culture of the country capital, one can move ahead to their actual Holi travel destination of Mathura and Barsana.

Day 2

Move From New Delhi to Mathura

when one can move from New Delhi to Mathura, which comes in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is hardly a 4-hour drive from Delhi. Barsana, approximately 175kms from New Delhi, is where one would witness the globally popular Lathmaar Holi.

Day 3 & 4

Witness The Lathmaar Holi In Barsana And Mathura

Can be dedicated to witness the Lathmaar holi across the towns of Barsana and Mathura. The sheer magnanimous opulence of colorfulness of this festival is bound to leave anyone mesmerized.

Day 5

Move To Agra

Should be the time to relish the next leg of our holi travel packages india. Agra, which is hardly at a drive of around 2.5 hours from Mathura, should be our next intended stop over. One can witness the white marble marvel, Taj Mahal, at Agra, a world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world.

Day 6

Witness The Beauty Of Agra

Should begin with experiencing awe-inspiring photogenic morning moments of sun-bathed Taj Mahal at the banks of river Yamuna. Post that, one can begin their journey towards Jaipur, capital city of state Rajasthan and consistently one of the most visited cities by global tourists in India.

Day 7 & 8

Witness the Lavish and Royal City of Jaipur

Day 07 along with Day 08 can be dedicated to witness the lavish and Royal city of Jaipur, along with city palaces, Amer Fort and several observatory points.

Day 9

Experience The Holi Of Royal City Jaipur

Can be the day of experience of Holi at Jaipur. While one might wonder that Holi festival had past, Holi is also celebrated at several places on the occasion of Rang Panchmani, traditionally the fifth day after Holika Dahan. This is how one can get to experience Holi at Jaipur too.

Day 10

End of Holi Packages India

would mark the end of our holi packages india. After encompassing lifetime memory worth thrill and celebration of the festival of colors, we make our way back to Delhi and fly back to our lives.


NOTE: The above itinerary is a suggested one. It can be customized as per your wishes, interests, preferences. More cities can be added in the package as per your comfort. The sequence provided can be flexible.

  • Accommodation.
  • Transport by private, air-conditioned car.
  • All sightseeing with private local guides.
  • Bottles of mineral water and soft drinks during journeys
  • All taxes, fuel surcharges and service fees included
  • Personal nature Expenses i.e. Telephone Calls, Laundry, Soft / Hard Drinks, Meals, Tipping etc.
  • Any expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like flight delay/cancellation/hike in fare, strike or any other natural calamities
  • Does not include any meals unless and otherwise specifically mentioned.
  • Camera Fee & Entrance Fees to Monuments. Optional, suggested or unspecified activities.
  • Visa, Insurance and Medi claim.


Arrival Date

FAQs For Holi Packages India

Holika Dahan is scheduled for the night at 20 March 2019 and the following day is to be celebrated for Rangotsav; while at those places where Rangotsav is celebrated on the fifth Hindu Calendar Day post Holika Dahan as Rang Panchami, it would be celebrated on 25th March 2019.

Your holi holiday package india people would point it out that it is imperative to make sure that you play with natural colors, so that the skin, eyes and hair is not subjected to exposure of harmful and toxic chemicals. It is advisable to wear clothes which cover ample area of skin but yet are breathable so that when it gets soaked in water, the clothes do not stick to the skin and result in development of rashes or any other skin problem.

Holi Festival has its own range of food delicacies to indulge in. However, like any other festive foods, Holi delicacies like Gujiyas are heavy on calories and it is advisable to monitor your diet accordingly since there would be too much time spent playing outdoors and most likely being water soaked. Health experts during holi packages india point assert that one should consciously try to keep themselves well hydrated and go easy on Thandai or Bhang, which is cannabis induced cold milk beverage synonymous with the vehemence of Holi.

Besides precaution against skin problems, several times it is necessary to ensure removal of color completely from skin since one has to get back to the formal ambience of work life. Hence, it is advisable to use natural colors which aren’t difficult to remove; and use mild cleansing agents in case of exposure to stubborn colors, since harsher ones might further irritate the skin.

Yes. There are several organized events of Holi celebrations not only across several Indian cities but across the world as well. One of the most apparent benefits of getting access to such an event during holi tour package india is the fact that one can be assured of necessary precautions being taken by the organizers.

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