Its a magical land that springs surprises at every time, takes your breath away at every blend. Rajasthan is a land of contrasts,everything is breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating. It is packed with history, art and culture that goes back several centuries. The architectural grandeur of royalty and the tales of valour and chivalry are the essence of its very sprit. The majestic Aravalli and vindhyas on the one hand and the desert landscape on the other form a contrast which blends perfectly with the history of Rajasthan. Rajasthan epitomizes all that dreams are made of.

Think architectural monuments built with studied details, stunning handicrafts and glittering gems and you think of Rajasthan. Talk of picture perfect lakes, shimmering golden deserts, wild life of sanctuaries, throbbing towns, cattle fairs or pulsating festivities, effervescent colours, touching hospitality, vibrant bazaars. Rajasthan is an destination that enchants the visitor with every little discovery that is made, because the more discovers, the more is the urge to stay on come back Unique India Tours dedicated to the lesser-known places in Rajasthan. Unexplored, Unsung, and farther into the interiors, these palaces offer a soul-touching experience. They bring into relief its history, culture, arts and crafts, like never before. We are sure you will enjoy exploring the various alluring facets of Rajasthan. + Read More - Read Less