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In today’s hectic life people seek to spend time into adventurous activities. Flying high in the open sky is one amongst such activities, which sounds fascinating as well. In recent time, hot air balloon ride has become very popular.

Hot air ballooning is an activity that includes flying of hot air balloons in open sky. Its striking aspects include a unique calmness or tranquility (except the time when its propane burners are firing), the bird’s eye view and lacking the feel of movement. The passengers cannot feel the wind as the balloon moves with the direction of the winds. They can feel the wind only during the flight.

Riding in a hot air balloon is a sort of adventure for the excursionists from all across the world. Riding on a hot air balloon, you can move across seas, oceans and continents. Floating across the skies on a hot air balloon, like an alien ship is appealing as it makes viewing of places and scenery magnificent, from high above. Therefore, hot air balloon ride is considered as a tourism sport. It has always been a popular activity in the western countries.

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But in recent times, the introduction of hot air balloon rides in India has created curiosity and excitement among the people. It has gradually become popular as people came to know about this activity. Adventurous people love to go for hot air ballooning during their vacations. There are a few places in India which offer hot air ballooning to the tourists. Pushkar, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, Manali, Kamshet (Lonavala), Delhi NCR, Bhopal, Darjeeling, Goa, Karnataka are the top 10 destinations for Hot Air Ballooning. In these destinations, tourists from across the country and overseas can be seen getting indulged into this excitement and fun.

One can easily go to the places where hot air balloon rides in India are available. To make you live your dream of enjoying scenic beauty of the city from the top, we have on cards for you - specially crafted itineraries with Hot Air Balloon ride. If you are an adventurous soul and all set for India tour, then make sure you visit the cities where hot air balloon rides can be experienced. Get a thrilling experience of floating on a basket of hot air balloon in the sky. What are you waiting for?? Take on a short but adventurous excursion of ballooning with Unique India Tours. We assure that ours itineraries will serve your purpose of adventurous tour.

In this materialistic world, where people want to go high and touch the sky, we help you reach the sky without any efforts. We create itineraries with such adventurous ride, which will add spice to your India tour making it one of its kind. Come and enjoy the non-stop and incomparable activity along with the memorable hot air balloon ride.